Choose the right company for the manufacture of metal structures, without complications.

If you have a construction project in hand that includes the design and fabrication of metal structures design andfabrication of steel structures, there are a number of key details to consider when choosing the right contractor. This will save you from unpleasant surprises during the work and you will avoid last minute “surprises” in the budget. Below, we share 5 aspects that you should consider to ensure that your project is carried out successfully and on time:

1- Evaluate the experience and in which type of metallic constructions the company specializes in

Not all projects are the same. It is not the same to design a large-scale civil work that will have an impact on the roads of a city, as it is to design an industrial work that will work with chemical compounds and has specific safety requirements, or a commercial building focused on design and its architectural highlight.   Therefore, it is necessary for you to evaluate whether the steel structure company you want to hire has the experience and resources to execute your project without complications, and especially to meet the agreed deadlines.  It is also advisable to ask for references from other clients and to find out if the company is associated or works hand in hand with architectural firms, civil construction and construction and erection supervisors. 

2- Conduct a feasibility study feasibility study of the construction

Before confirming the budget and getting down to work, make sure that the contractor performs a detailed analysis of your needs and a technical study of the project from start to finish, i.e., from design to final assembly, to determine its feasibility. From this analysis, you will also be able to determine the estimated construction and erection time for the metal structures. erection of the steel structures Note whether the analysis includes strategic planning that considers all the budgetary requirements of the project, so that the agreed amounts can be adhered to.

3- Ensure compliance with national and international national and international construction standards

It is essential that both the structural and architectural and architectural design must be adapted to local standards and, more than desirably, must also comply with international quality standards.  Depending on the type of work, verify that, at a minimum, the company works with the following reference codes: AISC American Institute of Steel Construction; ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers;  ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials; AWS American Welding Society; RCSC Research Council on Structural Connections; SSPC Steel structures Painting Council; AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute); MOPC Technical Engineering Regulations in the Dominican Republic. Another detail to consider is to carry out the pertinent inspections of the site where the work is to be assembled.

4- Verify the quality of the facilities for the fabrication of metallic structures manufacturing of metallic structures

When we talk about quality, we refer to technical quality, safety, hygiene and the occupational risk prevention system.  A quality indicator is that the staff uses the personal protective equipment on site contemplated in the OSHA standard (Occupational Safety and Health Administration – U.S.A.).Occupational Safety and Health Administration – USA).. Ideally, the company should have its own steel fabrication shop. steel structure fabrication shop. This will allow you to know who is ultimately responsible for all aspects of quality and safety during the part manufacturing process.  To assess the technical quality of the facilities, you can ask the contracting company to provide you with a list of its equipment: production lines for profiles of different shapes and metaldeck sheets, CNC automated machinery, numerical control lathes, plasma cutting equipment, motor welding machines…

5- Consult on how to assembly of the metallic structures

Ideally, the company should manufacturer of the metallic structures also takes care of the assembly “in house”, thus ensuring that the installation is not in the hands of a subcontracted team that has not followed the construction process from the beginning.  Do not lose sight of whether the company has the appropriate fleet of vehicles for the transfer and the specific machinery for on-site installation: cranes, trucks, forklifts…  And verify that you have certified operators and supervisors who will ensure that all project requirements and local regulations are met at all times.

Cliente y contratista para la fabricación de estructuras metálicas dandose un apreton de manos.

Ensure the success of your project 

The success of your project will depend on the care you devote to selecting a team of professionals, suppliers and contractors who have the experience who have the necessary experience to embark on your construction project, and who comply with all safety and environmental regulations. The key is to planning in detail at every stage, from the meeting to discuss thefrom the meeting to discuss the architectural architectural proposalto the finishing of the painting of the metal structures once installed. This way you won’t run into obstacles in the way that will lengthen the construction and/or increase the budget.. Contact us for information about fabrication and assembly of metal structures.