When we meet with our clients to design and plan the fabrication of steel structures for an industrial or commercial project, one of their main concerns is that the project will not be completed in the estimated time.

A job that is not completed on schedule has a direct impact on the company’s business plans and its finances. 

Extra construction time usually means extra personnel and material costs.

So, how can we make sure that the work will not take too long and will be carried out successfully?

The answer: Choosing the right construction system and contractor. 

Hi-Tech Tilt a fast and integral construction system with metal structures 

If you want to complete a job in a short time with a moderate budget and that is efficient the best thing to do is opt for a system that includes prefabricated elements, such as the innovative Hi-TecH Tilt. The method Hi-TecH Tilt method was developed and patented in the United States and consists of the manufacturing of concrete panels on prefabricated profiles with metal with metallic structures. These panels can be used to build modular constructions of all kinds.

Integrity and resistance

The bonding of concrete to steel makes the panels stronger but lighter than those made of concrete only. Therefore, the wall lifting weight and pressure is lower than in conventional systems. Also, the structures comply with anti-seismic requirements and are resistant to hurricanes, fire, and termites.

Rapid on-site manufacturing

The process of construction and assembly occurs on the construction site with the help of cranes and other special equipment, which further reduces construction time. Depending on the scope of the project, the panels can be erected in 24-48 hours. No special foundations are required, and the process of lifting process during assembly is safer because the modules are lighter and smaller cranes can be used. 

Hi-Tech Tilt guarantees durability 

The modules are made of concrete from 2″ thick and a metallic structure of steel poles of 6 x 16 ga. of 6 x 16 ga. This combination ensures the longevity of the mixed structure. The pieces are attached to the side flanges of the poles, which are distributed according to the calculations of the structural engineer in charge of the project.

Lower cost

The final cost of the work is significantly reduced because:

    • Less material is used less material than in other construction systems and the metal structure is more easily integrated into the concrete.
    • The entire process is performed on sitewhich avoids avoids costs of realization in the workshop y reduces transportation costs of large parts.
    • Fewer personnel are hired fewer staff and for less time.
Large span structure for the montana paint factory, it shows the storage area with the paint products distributed in shelves.

Montana Paint Plant built by Ingeniería Metálica using the Hi-Tech Tilt method. 

Taking advantage of multi-purpose metal and concrete structures 

Our experience with the Hi-Tech Tilt system allows us to recommend it for the construction of various sites, especially for industrial sites warehouses, and warehouses that need to be erected quickly and within a tighter and tighter budget.  However, Hi-Tech Tilt also meets the structural and aesthetic needs of commercial buildings. The exterior of the panels can be customized with engravings and the brand is developing a wide range of finishes. And inside the modules, electrical, sanitary, and hydraulic installations can be carried out, as well as insulation. Currently, Ingeniería Metálica is the only authorized representative in the Dominican Republic to build with the Hi-Tech Tilt system. 

Hi-Tech Tilt system.  Contact us to learn more about Hi-Tech Tilt and other options for fast, economical, and efficient construction.