With state-of-the-art machinery and high quality, resistant materials


Do you need a metal structure? We can help you make it

Our specialty is the construction of steel structures because of the versatility and flexibility of this material. We use steel to build high-strength and affordable structures that can be manufactured in less time than reinforced concrete structures.

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We have a 26,000 m² facility, state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained personnel to manufacture any type of steel structure.

manufacturing of metal structures that require moving the structures to the jobsite


Our steel structure manufacturing plant offers:

  • An area big enough to build large and heavy structures
  • Two fully equipped production shops
  • A quality work environment that enables our technical staff to maintain an efficient performance.


We continuously improve and upgrade all of our structure manufacturing procedures and services, through a qualified technical team, advanced machinery and certified construction techniques.


All our constructions comply with the most demanding regulations and standards.

When manufacturing steel structures, we adapt the design requirements to the current design and construction standards.

Our objective is to build a strong and robust frame that meets the client’s expectations and complies with international quality standards

These are some of the reference codes we use:

AISC American Institute of Steel Construction.

ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers.
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

AWS American Welding Society
RCSC Research Council on Structural Connections

SSPC Steel Structures Painting Council
AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute)
MOPC Dominican Republic Engineering Technical Regulations


We strive to comply with all occupational safety standards, and we also try to make our production as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Charles de Gaulle Station metal structure roofing santo domingo

Custom manufacturing of steel parts

We have machines for bending and rolling metal sheets to manufacture tanks.


Manufacture of steel structures with an automated production line 

We use advanced machinery for maximum accuracy and efficiency. We use the most reliable technologies for cutting, drilling and punching tasks to offer a wide variety of structural elements that are dimensionally accurate.

Our plant is equipped with a Kaltebach steel processing line:

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) automatic equipment  
  • Oxyfuel, plasma and drilling sites.
  • Shot blasters.
  • Painting systems.
  • Notching and welding robots.
  • Plate and beam boring line
  • High-precision drilling. 
  • Profile bending equipment
  • Plasma cutting equipment
  • Plate bending machine
  • Plate cutting or shearing machine
  • Punching machine for metal plates and profiles
  • Folding machines.
  • Plasma, laser and oxyfuel cutting tables.

We also offer structure installation services on the jobsite


The steel structure manufacturing services are included

  • The structural steel.

  • Manufacture of the entire structure at our shop.

  • Compliance with the current quality standards when manufacturing parts and sections.