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Pioneers in the construction of steel structures in the Dominican Republic

Agora Mall Dome

The Agora Mall was the first shopping mall in the Caribbean to receive the certification LEED (Leadership and Environmental Design) for its sustainable sustainable design and construction

The central element of this building is its glass dome its glazed dome-shaped roof, which was designed with designed with the mall’s energy efficiency in mind. energy efficiency of the shopping center. The dome harnesses sunlight to sunlight to power an LED lighting system that regulates the light intensity lighting system that regulates the light intensity inside the mall. 

In addition, it has a series of domes in contrast to the structure of the structure of the building to prevent it from overheating.

These characteristics allow the construction has a lower lower environmental impact by significantly reducing electricity consumption.

The construction and installation of the Ágora Mall dome was by Ingeniería Metálica, and consisted of the elaboration in our workshop of a structure structure of more than 2,000 m² composed of curved beams y bolted connections. 

The installation was carried out using heavy cranes and under the cranes and under the supervision of a team of professionals specialized in this type of and under the supervision of a team of professionals specialized in this type of assembly, who ensured the precise framing of the dome on the structure of the mall. During this phase we had the support of Lexco, in charge of supervising the work and quality control of the entire process.

We are specialists in steel structures for commercial buildings and we use sustainable construction systems

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 Agora Mall


Commercial Structure

Architectural Structure


Av. John F. Kennedy, Santo Domingo 10129, Dominican Republic


2.000 m²


Ingeniería Metálica SRL

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