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Architectural Façade Lincoln Tower Mil 57

The Architectural Façade of the Lincoln Tower Mil Mil 57 is a true constructive challenge designed by the Architect Dominican architect Antonio Segundo Imbert. It is an avant-garde avant-garde architectural proposal composed of a series of three-dimensional three-dimensional and irregular pyramidal structures, made to custom-made. In this project, Ingeniería Metálica was in charge of the design and construction of the structure. and we faced two major challenges:

  • The technical challenge of designing, manufacturing and assembling a tubular structure with front nodes and supports anchored in different planes
  • The logistical challenge for raise the structure on one of the main main thoroughfares of the city of Santo Domingo

Thanks to our capacity and technical equipmentteam, we were able to complete this project without setbacks and the result is corporate building that integrates into the urban space while at the same time authenticity and modernity. On top of the base structure a system of fixed aluminum sunbreakers was installed for the fixed to prevent prevent direct solar radiation from entering the building’s interior spaces. the interior spaces of the building. For the finishing of the facade of the Mil 57 Lincoln Tower, a sandblasting treatment was applied first. sandblasting treatment (sandblasting) treatment was applied first and then a  anti-corrosion paint   of  high  range, an epoxy paint epoxy paint and finish paint according to the design. Call us at and get a competitive competitive quote for your next commercial expansion architectural project.

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Inversiones Aljosa, S.R.L.




Abraham Lincoln Avenue #1057, Serrallés. Santo Domingo


Simples Architecture


Ingeniería Metálica SRL


Ingeniería Metálica SRL

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