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Bridge over the Chavón River Seibo-Higüey Highway  

The construction of the bridge over the Chavón River on the Seibo-Higüey Highway  was a public bid awarded to Ingeniería Metálica by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of the Dominican Republic. Our technical team was in charge of the fabrication, installation y painting of the metal structure of the bridge and its approaches. The bridge over the Chavón River has a length of 60 meters. length of 60 meters and a central span of steel girders of about 44 m in the form of a box (full web beams). Each beam is 1.40 m high, 0.40 m wide.

The full web beams are supported on cantilevered reinforced concrete beams anchored to concrete stirrups and a 3″ thick asphalt concrete mat. The width finished roadway is 8,30 m with walkways of 1,20 m and iron railings.

One of the objectives of the project was to raise the grade 2 m above the previous height. To achieve this, it was necessary to build new approaches to protection works (concrete walls) and a piped drainage system.

In Ingeniería Metálica SRL we have vast experience in the design, fabrication, and assembly of structures for road infrastructure projects. Within the construction of bridges, we specialize in pedestrian bridges, suspension bridges, arch bridges y beam bridges.

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Ministry of Public Works and Communications


Road Infrastructure


Higüey – El Seibo Highway


Reginald Garcia


Reginald Garcia


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