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Overpass at Los Alcarrizos

The Los Alcarrizos Elevatedis located at Km 18 of the Duarte Highway, one of the main highways of the Dominican Republic. The Elevado Los Alcarrizos project was a public bidding process of the Ministry of Public Works of the Dominican Republic awarded to Ingeniería Metálica. The elevated bridge is 760 meters long y 4 lanes in two directions. Each lane is 4 meters wide. The major milestones achieved with this project are:

  • First overpass built with structural materials

The Los Alcarrizos elevated bridge is the first elevated the first mixed (steel and concrete) elevated road infrastructure in the Dominican Republic.. The bridge is supported on steel girders and steel heads, which allows it to withstand to withstand static and dynamic loads from heavy vehicles.

  • Construction in less than one year

The construction of the Los Alcarrizos Elevated was carried out in record record time of 8 months. One of the particularities of this work work is that it is located on a road that connects the 2 main cities of the countryTherefore, the density of vehicles is very high. Comply successfully meet the challenge of building a project of this magnitude in less than a year was possible thanks to effective effective time managementand meticulous meticulous planning of all the stages and the and resources to be employed in the work.. In Ingeniería Metálica we have experience in different civil projects within the public sector and in the sectors of: agriculture, transportation, commerce, mining, health and tourism.. Contact us at and get a competitive quote for your next road infrastructure project

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